About Us

It all began when a European master baker met an Asian who owns a typical dull local conventional bakery. They discussed on the Asian’s bakery and were on the verge on arguing as the Asian was defending on his cost cutting policy for his bakery and the European was furious as he is a firm believer of ‘sincere baking’.

At last, they reached a compromise as the Asian decided to turn his dull local bakery into a European theme bakery offering fresh European Pastries and in return the European will part his master baker knowledge to the Asian. The best part was, the European did not charge a single cent for his parting of knowledge, all in the name of ‘PASSION’. It was an ‘East Meets West, Dull Turns to Passion, Passion Drives Excellence’.

The first Harold’s Bread was formed in 2013 and was well received for its amazing pastries which are ‘Crispy on the Outside and Soft on the Inside, Warm & Fresh, All the Time’, thanks to the secretly guarded recipe by the European Master Baker.

Today, Harold’s Bread has evolved not only limited to serving European pastries, but also the offering the best in the world of bakery such as French Patisserie & Sandwiches, Japanese Soft Buns, Swiss Roll and many more; not forgetting our freshly brewed Italian Gourmet Coffee & local Malaysian White Coffee to complement. It just shows how ‘PASSION’ can bring the ‘Best Out of Something & Create Miracle Out of Nothing’.

We hope that you enjoy our products and most importantly share our ‘PASSION’ as we at Harold’s Bread are very passionate to be the ‘BEST’ bakery the country has ever seen.